Bixenstine Resolutions is an alternative dispute resolution business designed to provide expert mediation and arbitration services for settling civil disputes. Founded in 2015 by Barton A. Bixenstine, Esq., and joined in 2019 by Kim F. Bixenstine, Esq., the firm draws on the members’ extensive legal experience and lessons learned from hundreds of settlement negotiations, mediations and arbitrations. Bart and Kim both have outstanding reputations in the greater Cleveland area as highly ethical, extremely competent and knowledgeable lawyers, who are fair-minded, measured and creative.
Barton A. Bixenstine, Esq. specializes in civil disputes, including a broad range of employment, commercial and business, and specialty disputes raising sophisticated statistical issues.
Kim F. Bixenstine, Esq. specializes in civil disputes, including medical malpractice, tort, employment, contract, business, health care, and False Claims Act matters.

With the IQ & the EQ to resolve your disputes

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Barton A. Bixenstine, Esq.
Kim F. Bixenstine, Esq.

“I find it extremely satisfying to use my experience and skills to help people resolve their disputes without litigation.”

– Kim F. Bixenstine, Esq.

“Some cases must be tried, but most eventually settle, though very often on the court-house steps or after substantial expense that can be avoided through well-timed mediation.”

– Barton A. Bixenstine, Esq.