About Us

Through Bixenstine Resolutions, Barton A. Bixenstine offers expert mediation and arbitration services for settling civil disputes. Founded in 2015, Bixenstine Resolutions draws on Bixenstine’s nearly 35 years of legal experience and the lessons learned from 100+ mediations/arbitrations. Bixenstine Resolutions specializes in civil disputes, including the broad range of employment disputes, commercial and business disputes, and specialty disputes raising sophisticated statistical issues. “After years of mediating and observing mediators in action, I see the mediator’s challenge as working with the parties to bring to life the full force of the factors that drive cases to eventual settlement – the parties’ real interests, their financial and personal stakes, the risks of their litigation positions and the uncertainty of the litigation process.” – Barton A. Bixenstine, Esq. Services: Bixenstine Resolutions specializes in business and commercial disputes, as well as virtually every type of employment-related dispute, including: Business and commercial disputes Employment disputes Non-competition/trade secret disputes Matters involving sophisticated statistical issues: Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Antitrust Reductions in force The entire range of personnel issues: Contract administration Hiring Firing Mergers Relocations Force reductions Restrictive covenants Employee discipline Alleged discrimination Wage/hour Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Whistleblower retaliation